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                0592-5561648 0592-5561643

                Dinglei stone was established in 1994 with two factories which are located in Chongwu Town, Huian city, Fujian Province, where are famous with its stone resource and stone sculpture. Nowadays, Dinglei Stone has grown up into a professional manufacture & exporter of various stone products.

                Our main items are various interior and exterior decorating granite and marble slabs, tiles, vanity tops and counter tops, sculptures, monuments, fireplaces etc.

                We stock a full range of high quality granite and marble to meet your requirement and needs.

                We are proud that we have accumulated our own professional technicians and experiences with advanced equipment. As a result of our plants’ directly sales and marketing, you will receive the best quality products at the best price.

                As a growing company, we sincerely welcome friends come and negotiate business, to seek common development and establish long-term friendly business relationship.

                Our goal is to take each customer’s vision and ideas and turn them into finely crafted masterpieces. And we are committed to the numerous customers’ completely satisfaction.